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Learn Chinese

Here we’ll go over courses, tips, why and how to learn Mandarin, based on teaching Mandarin Chinese since 2012.

How to learn Chinese?

Chinese is often said to be extremely difficult to learn, but we are sure anyone can learn Chinese, whether you are an adult or child. You can study Chinese on your own with apps, podcasts, movies, and graded readers. If you’re a very dedicated learner, you may reach Chinese fluency this way.

But we think it’s better to learn from a very structured way with a holistic Chinese language course, in which you learn Chinese grammar, Chinese characters, pronunciation, and Pinyin.

We’re certain anyone can learn Chinese, and reach fluency within a few years of dedicated learning.

Learn Chinese

Chinese lessons

GoEast Mandarin offers Chinese language courses from many levels, including free options to try such as online open class, and a trial class. Chinese lessons usually take 1 or 2 sessions, with each session being 50 minutes (with a 10 minute break in between if you’re doing 2 sessions). A Chinese language tutor will go with you through the newly learned materials and introduce new grammar and vocabulary, and instantly correct you if you make a mistake. This makes for optimal learning.

See a Chinese language trial class here

Our Chinese language courses

Basic chinese

You can start with your first lessons here. Read here beginner mistakes and tips, or view our YouTube videos with 11 videos of beginner Chinese, where you learn to say hello, numbers, and how to ask for directions.

Below is the most basic Chinese Hanzi character with its pronunciation: 好Hǎo, which you may know from 你好Nǐ hǎo (Hello).

Chinese pinyin

Here’s the first of 11 Beginner Chinese videos from our YouTube channel. This is perfect for those that just began to learn Chinese. Things that we cover in this first lesson:

  • What is Hanzi?
  • What is Pinyin?
  • What are Chinese Tones?
  • What is the roadmap to learning Chinese?

Let’s start learning Chinese

Questions about learning Mandarin Chinese? Fill in the form to have a language consultant contact you soon, or email us at